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May 29, 2007
Harding - 1
Arlington - 11

A good start to the summer season as Jonathan pitches a very good game spreading out 7 hits over 5 innings with 11 K and only 1 BB.  JJ crushes a game winner over center field to end the game.

WP - Jonathan Van Eaton (1 - 0)

Hits: JJ Devine (single, HR (1), BB, HP, 2 runs, 2 RBI), TJ Cox (single, run), Brian Shipman (single, RBI, run),  Jonathan Wolf (double, RBI), Jay Gore (single, run), Blake Rosenberg (single), Zach Cain (single, BB, 2 runs, RBI)

May 30, 2007
Arlington - 0
Collierville - 4

Wade pitched a good game only allowing 4 runs on 7 hits but the Tiger bats were quiet only getting 3 hits.
LP - Wade Pennington (0 - 1)
Hits:  Alex Bowman (single), TJ Cox (single), Justin Barnes (single)

May 31, 2007
Arlington -  4
JCS - 5

The Tigers let one slip by as some errors and walks cost them the game.

LP - Caleb Cotner (0 - 1)

Hits: Justin Barnes (single, run), Bret Turner (double, run), Blake Rosenberg (single, run), Tyler Poole (single, sac, RBI, run), TJ Cox (single, RBI)

May 31, 2007
Arlington - 4
JCS - 1

A better game as Neal only allows 1 run on 6 hits.  The Tigers have a big 4th inning as they string 5 hits in a row.

WP - Neal Harper (1 - 0)

Hits:  Tyler Poole (double, single, run), Bret Turner (single, double, run, 1 RBI), JJ Devine (single, BB, run), Neal Harper (single), Blake Rosenberg (double, run RBI), TJ Cox (single), Jay Gore (single, RBI)

June 2, 2007
CBHS - 13
Arlington - 3

LP - Caleb Cotner (0 - 2)

Hits:  Brett Turner (single, RBI), TJ Cox (double, RBI, run), JJ Devine (double, RBI, run)

June 4, 2007
Arlington - 17
Covington - 2

The Tigers belt out 16 hits and Jonathan Van Eaton pitches a strong complete game.

WP - Jonathan Van Eaton (2 - 0) 6 hits, 1 ER, 10 K, 1 BB

Hits:  Justin Barnes (single, run, 1 RBI), Zach Cain (single, run, 1 RBI), Jon Miller (single, sac, run, 1 RBI), Alex Bowman (triple, double, HP, BB, 3 RBI, 2 runs), Neal Harper (single, HP, 2 runs, 1 RBI), TJ Cox (single, run), Blake Rosenberg (double, single, run, 1 RBI), Brian Shipman (single, run), Jon Wolf (single, BB, 2 runs), Tyler Poole (single, BB), Jay Gore (single, single, run, 2 RBI), Brennan Yates (triple, single, 3 runs, 1 RBI)

June 5, 2007
Arlington - 2
Germantown - 12

The Tigers got it going early scoring their two runs and getting 5 of their hits in the first two innings but can only manager 1 hit after that.  Germantown continue hitting throughout the game collecting 15 hits as the Tigers lose.

LP- Wade Pennington (0 - 2)

Hits:  Alex Bowman (single), Bret Turner (single, run), Blake Rosenberg (single), TJ Cox (single), Jay Gore (single, SB), Tyler Poole (triple, run)

June 7, 2007
Arlington - 16
White Station - 3

The Tigers had a great day at the plate as they pound out 17 hits and 16 runs.  Alex Bowman went 4 for 4 with a HR.  Neal Harper and Brett Turner hold White Station to 3 runs on only 2 hits.

WP - Neal Harper (2 - 0) 3 innings, 2 hits, 3 BB, 1K
       - Bret Turner - 2 innings, 3 k, 6 batters faced

Hits:  Alex Bowman (HR, single, single, single, 3 runs, 1 RBI), Justin Barnes (single, RBI, SB), Bret Turner (single, run, RBI), Neal Harper ( single, run), Jon Wolfe (double, 2 runs, 2 RBI), Blake Rosenberg (single, run), Brian Shipman (single, 2 RBI, 2 runs), TJ Cox (single, single, 2 runs, RBI), Jay Gore ( single, single, single, 2 runs, RBI), Tyler Poole ( double, run, RBI), Brennan Yates (single, RBI)

June 11, 2007
Munford - 5
Arlington -  6

Wade Pennington came in for relief and pitched 4 innings allowing only 1 run for the win.  Brett Turner finished up out the side in the seventh for the save.  The Tiger bats had 15 hits.

WP - Wade Pennington (2 - 2)
Save - Brett Turner (1)

Hits: Justin Barners (single, 2 RBI), Brett Turner (double, single, run, RBI), Alex Bowman (single, single, run), Blake Rosenberg (single, RBI), Jon Miller (single, run), Tyler Poole (single, RBI), Brennen Yates (single), Jay Gore (single, RBI), Neal Harper (single, single, run), Brian Shipman (single, run), TJ Cox (single, single, run)

June 12, 2007
Brighton - 2
Arlington - 6

Jonathan Van Eaton pitched another great game with no earned runs, 4 hits, 8 K, and 3 BB in six innings of work.  The Tiger continued hitting getting 6 runs on 10 hits.

WP - Jonathan Van Eaton (3 - 0)

Hits:  Justin Barnes (single, HP, run, 2 RBI), Brett Turner (single, triple, RBI),  Jay Gore (triple, BB, single, run, RBI), Neal Harper (single), Brian Shipman (single, single, run, RBI), Brennan Yates (single), Blake Rosenberg (single, run)

June 14, 2007
ECS - 3
Arlington - 5

A real test for the Tigers as they played a very good ECS team.  Neal Harper pitched a very good game and Bret Turner came in for the save as the Tigers bats continued hot getting 5 runs on 10 hits as the Tigers win a hard fought game.

WP - Neal Harper (3 - 0) 6 innings, 2 hits, 3 runs (1 earned), 4 BB, 4 K
Save - Bret Turner (2)

Hits:  Justin Barnes (single, single, 2 runs), Bret Turner (single, single, single, single, run, RBI, SB), Alex Bowman (single, run, RBI), Blake Rosenberg (double, RBI), Jay Gore (double, RBI), TJ Cox (single)

June 16, 2007
Bartlett - 7
Arlington - 3

Bartlett uses a 5 run 5th inning to break open a close game.  Caleb Cotner comes in the sixth and finishes the game facing only 6 batters in two innings.  TJ Cox threw out all 3 Bartlett attempts to steal.

LP - Wade Pennington (1 - 3)
Hits:  Justin Barnes (single, run), Bret Turner (double, single, run, RBI), Blake Rosenberg (single, HP, HP), Neal Harper (RBI), TJ Cox ( single, double, double, run), Brian Shipman (single, single), Jon Wolf (single)

July 10, 2007
Arlington - 2
USJ - 6

The first game after a three week layoff shows as the Tigers commit 5 errors and only gather 4 hits as they lose to USJ.

LP - Jonathan Van Eaton (3 - 1)
Hits:  Brett Turner (single, run, RBI), Alex Bowman (single, RBI, BB, BB), Jay Gore (single), Brian Shipman (single, run)

July 11, 2007
Bolton - 5
Arlington - 6

Another good game with Bolton as the Tigers go extra innings to win in 8.  The Tigers use 4 different pitchers to get the win.

WP - John Miller (1 - 0)
Hits: Justin Barnes (single, single, run), Brett Turner (single, double, run), Alex Bowman (BB, single), Blake Rosenberg (single, run, 2 RBI), Neal Harper (double, RBI, sac), Zack Cain (single), Jay Gore (double, single, RBI, run), Brian Shipman (single, run)

July 14, 2007
Briarcrest - 1
Arlington - 4

With 4 regular starters not at the game the rest of Tiger team stepped up for an opening win in the Shelby-Tipton Touranment.  Jonathan Van Eaton pitched a great game giving up no earned runs and only 1 BB with 6 K.  Blake Rosenberg hit a 3-run homerun to help with the win.

WP - Jonathan Van Eaton (4 - 1)

Hits:  Jay Gore (single, RBI), Alex Bowman (single), Blake Rosenberg (HR, run, 3 RBI), Johnny Wolfe (single), Brian Shipman (single, run), Jonathan Van Eaton (single, run)

July 15, 2007
Arlington - 10
Bolton - 0

Taylor Whipple pitched an outstanding game and the Tiger bats were as hot as the day scoring 10 runs on 14 hits in a 5 inning game.  Every starter had at least one hit and had no K's for the entire game.

WP - Taylor Whipple (1 - 0)

Hits:  Justin Barnes (single, double, 2 runs), Bret Turner (sac, single, run, RBI), Alex Bowman (single, single, 2 runs, RBI), Blake Rosenberg (BB, double, HP, 2 runs, RBI), Jon Miller (single, single, run, 2 RBI), Jon Wolfe (double, 2 runs, 2 RBI), Neal Harper (single, single, 2 RBI), Jay Gore (single, sac), Zach Cain (single, double, RBI).

July 16, 2007
Bartlett (2) - 7
Arlington - 8

The Tigers advance to the championship game of the Shelby-Tipton Tournament. 

WP - Neal Harper (4 - 0)
Save - Jon Miller (1)

Hits:  Justin Barnes (single, 2 runs), Brett Turner (single, single, single, single, 3 runs, RBI), Alex Bowman (BB, HR, 2 runs, 2 RBI), Blake Rosenberg (single, RBI), Jon Miller (single, single, RBI), Jay Gore (single), Zach Cain (single, HP, run)

July 19, 2007
USJ - 6
Arlington - 6

A tie game after 9 innings.  The Tigers ran themselves out of a win by getting thrown our 5 times on the basepaths.

Pitchers - Wade Pennington and Caleb Cotner did a good job holding a very fine team and giving the Tigers an opportunity.

Hits:  Brett Turner (single, single, single, single, 2 runs), Alex Bowman (double, single, run), Blake Rosenberg (single, RBI), Brian Shipman (single, run), Jay Gore (single, run), Johnny Wolfe (BB, single, single, single, run, 2 RBI), Neal Harper (single), Jon Miller (single, double, single, RBI)

July 20, 2007
Arlington - 0
Rock Bridge (MO) - 10

The start of a day the Tigers would like to forget in the opening game of the USA Tournament as some errors lead to a 8 run (only 2 earned) 3th inning for Rock Bridge and the Tigers never get into the game.

LP - Jonathan Van Eaton (4 - 2)

Hits: Alex Bowman (single), Blake Rosenberg (single, double), Jay Gore (single), Jon Miller (single), Neal Harper (double).

July 20, 2007
Arlington - 0
CBHS - 10

The Tigers second game of a double hitter was no better on this hot day as they looked like they had no life in them after giving up a 5 run first inning.

LP - Taylor Whipple (1 - 1)

Hits: Justin Barnes (single), Alex Bowman (single), Blake Rosenberg (single)

July 21, 2007
Beech - 10
Arlington - 3

A strong start is not sustained as errors and bad base running again doom the Tigers for their third straight loss.

LP - Neal Harper (4 - 1)

Hits:  Justin Barnes (double, 2 runs),  Brett Turner (single, single, double, run), Alex Bowman (double, 2 RBI), Jon Miller (single, HP, single)

July 22, 2007
Arlington - 5
Kirksville - 4

The Tigers maintain their strong start this game as they make the plays in the final two innings to hold off Kirksville.

WP - Jon Miller (2 - 0)

Hits:  Zack Cain (single, BB, run), Blake Rosenberg (single, BB, 2 runs)

July 23, 2007
Arlington - 9
St. Benedict - 2

The Tigers won it's second in a row against a good St. Benedict team.  Brett Turner pitched a great game giving up only 2 runs on 5 hits with 7 K.

WP - Brett Turner (1- 0)

Hits:  Justin Barnes (single, sac, BB, run), Brett Turner (triple, single, run, 3 RBI), Alex Bowman (double, sac, 2 RBI), Blake Rosenberg (single, single, run, RBI), Jay Gore (triple, HP, run), Jon Wolf (single, run), Zach Cain (single, run), Brian Yates (BB, 2 runs)

July 23, 2007
Houston - 13
Arlington - 2

The Tiger bats never got going and Houston scored 8 runs in the final two innings to take the consolation championship of the USA National High School Tournament.

LP - Taylor Whipple (1 - 3)

Hits: Brett Turner (single), Alex Bowman (single, single, run), Blake Rosenberg (single), Jon Wolf (single), Neal Harper (single), Zach Cain (single, run)






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